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Friday, July 26, 2019
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Sooooo, this engagement shoot was probably rescheduled a minimum of 5 ..ok maybe 100 times due to thunderstorm predictions. All of which ended up in "sure to ruin a great shoot" torrential downpours. We are up to shoot in the rain, but these were actually severe weather storm warnings in all of New Jersey. The last text we got from Nikole before this one actually worked out was a screenshot of yet again, another storm warning with the caption “I’m cursed.” We're pretty much going to shoot in anything but when it comes to lightening and monsoons we try to steer clear ….just in case …ya know…she really IS cursed. Safety first!

So this being the fifth or sixth time we rescheduled, I can't remember now, we had high hopes when an hour leading up to their shoot it was gorgeous, sunny, breezy, and not near as sweaty as it has been. Perfection. Things always work out….especially when you constantly reroute the plan! I parked my car in front of Buck’s Coffee. A few minutes later I looked across the street and spotted a gorgeous girl in the cutest blue dress. I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. She immediately came over hugged me and we were instantly connected.

Nikole and Tyler are both very creative people and wanted to have photography that was unique with a real vision and style to it. Tyler works in the film industry which always puts a little bit of pressure on but it also inspires us to be ourselves and be as creative as possible. Colin was working about an hour north of me that day decided to pop in to Lambertville on his way home. This was such a great surprise because, well….. mostly because he had his drone! SO exciting because I knew right away that I wanted to shoot them out on the bridge with the sunset behind their gorgeous bods.

It's not often that every single scenario works out but in this hour and a half long shoot during sunset, in about a two block radius …it did! I guess 6th times the charm! Or 7th?? I dunno! Who cares! We cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding at Prallsville Mills! 13 years and going strong, plenty of time before any spices need to be added! Thanks for sharing a cocktail with us!

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