{( NEDDA + JOSH )}
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Friday, November 02, 2018
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{( NEDDA + JOSH )}


We met Nedda + Josh in LBI at one of our favorite spots for engagement shoots. Every single time is a different experience based on the couple. We loved meeting them before their wedding a few weeks later to get to know one another and take a few photos of their family. This was a really important meetup considering I called Josh the wrong name for a good half hour before anyone corrected me! WIN! Always something with me. ...it's endearing though, RIGHT?!

Nedda + Josh had a great vibe and are obviously so into one another which made their wedding at Windows on the Water a few weeks later a BREEZE. Ok, so more like a tornado....(Pictures are done and will be up on the blog soon!)  It was just a lil' windy. No biggie. These two are as grounded as they get. 

#justapairofSHUs #Gorskypartyoffour #JDtoGorsky 

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