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Wednesday, December 26, 2018
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Arriving to an engagement session with a bottle of Bourbon is exactly the recipe for an amazing session in my opinion. We had the perfect temps for a fall engagement and since they were coming to shoot at my childhood residence, I felt right at home having a swig with them on my old stomping grounds. My parents farm has so many cool spots spanning 50 acres. Every time I shoot there it's a completely different one than the last. Different light, scenarios, couple vibe, weird farm equipment laying around ....always surprises me. This did not disappoint.

Basically, when a client tells me, just do what you do....everything always seems to work out. That kind of trust is what we are looking for in those that hire us. For some it comes easier than others. These two were ready to dive in head first and I let their affection steer the ship. Kim has legs for days and I was so happy when I saw she was showing those gams off in the sunlight. She had no problem trekking through swampy fields and getting dirty in the name of photography. PERFECT. 

We hit it off immediately and headed out to shoot our session with the perfect light. These two needed no help falling into place as they clearly are joined at the hip already. It was so easy and I know, it's going to be JUST as easy the day of their wedding which TBH after this shoot, I cannot WAIT for! Thank you for choosing us. We cannot wait to kill your wedding. If you do what you did at the engagement shoot....we will be fine and dandy. Extra points if you bring Bourbon for me again! XOXO : MRS. PANTS

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