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Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Jillianne and Adam....how do I love thee. Let me count the ways. 1. You are super laid back. 2. You are super laid back. 3. You are super laid back and friggin' awesome people! When these two talked with us they said "We like how your photos bring a unique touch in capturing the love between a couple. Your pictures also exemplify your skill in taking photos in different lights, and all come out so beautifully." So I knew, as long as that respect and trust is already there, all we have to do now is meet up. What better place than good ole JC. Honestly, I love Jersey City. You get all the eclectic style of downtown NYC without the headache. 

It was SO beautiful the day we met up to do their engagement shoot. The trees were blowing in the wind and it was strolling weather. The kind that makes you wish you lived in the city again! It was perfect. Ended it with a very fast, somewhat frantic run to the city skyline. I KNEW it too, I could just tell, it's going to be a good one and the last time I was here, we barely made it. So we ended our stroll through the "backroads" and headed to the front lines. It paid off. See photos below. 



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