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Friday, July 10, 2020
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November 3, 2018


The first time an email came through from Mr. Marty Durkin I could FEEL the energy. This dude meant business. We cold CALLED him, ya know with an actual phone. If I had access to one with a cord and a fax machine I would have used that instead of my cell. For someone that is a few years my junior this kid is super old school ... in the best way possible. We instantly connected over the phone giving zero faxes about anything and everything said. I knew he and his fiance Jamey were the perfect fit for us from day one. They needed to be sure we weren't serial killers so they invited us out to a public place and forced us to eat delicious sushi and to top it off we had to laugh for hours on end. IT WAS TERRIBLE! Nah, just kidding, it wasn't. It was like meeting our soul mates all over again if I was a man and Colin was a gay man. No really, it was like THAT. (I MISS YOU GUYS! Is quarantine over yet?!) Since we met these two love bugs our lives have been made more exciting and new. We have remodeled together, we have dined together, we have danced together....we were on a collision course of friendship and it felt great to be that close before the wedding even arrived...until....

No not really, everything has been puppy dogs and ice cream ever since. If you have never been to Greystone Hall it's like walking back into time when each rug was tailored to fit a room, not bough to fit the space. I MEAN ...this place is pretty amazing. I was getting Gatsby vibes from minute one. I just love the throwback feel of the entire house. It is a really grand place to say I do. You could feel the buzzing at the ceremony site. There was an energy...one that you can only describe if you are at a wedding where, just a few years prior ...wasn't legal. Imagine that. Imagine....watching two beautiful souls that love one another and enjoy life together and realizing, this wouldn't have been possible if people hadn't gotten their heads out of their...AH I digress. A really good friend married Jamey + Marty which made the ceremony even more emotional. Tears were flying out of my eyes as I was laughing out loud...whilst shooting! Needless to say, we had a blast. The wedding party did not disappoint. (See pool room photos) Seriously, so much fun. You could feel the love in the room. It is so obvious how much these two have fun together and really just adore one another. You can not help but to just grin when you are around these two, kinda like when you aren't sure if something bad is about to happen so you do that weird half smile just in case ...so you look good when the bus hits you??? 

The wedding itself was so very beautiful. Marty is so detailed, and Jamey doesn't give very many fax so like most weddings, the dominant designer wins! Touches of gold and navy all around made this feel really really classic and regal. I loved all the personal little touches with their tuxes. The girls looked smashing in faux furs and navy satin. The weather was incredible with a perfect 68 degrees and a slight breeze blowing through a beautiful setting painted with fall colors. The champagne and cocktails heard clinking around the property during cocktail hour perfect. I want to go back, but this time, as a guest. I want to party with these two like they know I know how! 

I really don't need to go into detail after detail about how I love these two humans. How we bonded over sarcasm and dranks and so much more. How they have invited us into their life and we them because we truly thought they were incredible. I love that we documented your day, but us becoming friends was the real win. When are we having dinner?! (I need to stock up on the whiskey!)




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