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Tuesday, November 14, 2017
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The first time we tried to meet up with Francesca + Peter it rained. So, they decided to postpone. The second time we tried to meet up....It rained again. This time, we just went with it and assigned it fate to this dreamy engagement session. The rain soon cleared up and we were left with a somewhat moody overcast sky which if you know anything about us...we love. 

It isn't every day we go to NYC for a session, and for good reason...did you know it takes 25 minutes to go a mile? Yeah. Good ole NY. Ok, so admittedly we are a little out of touch with the realities of city living. We were slickers once...not so now. HOWEVER, this location was pretty incredible so I may have to get back in touch with our roots. F + P asked us to go up and check out the rooftop on their apartment building.

OK. Sure. I am sure it will be great (wink, wink...every single time someone says this, it never pans out or ends up looking as cool as described  ) ...so up the elevator we go and the door opens to an amazing view that smacks you hard in the eye sockets. Mind Blown. This roof was complete with a little garden and beautiful details. 

So it rained. SO WHAT. We rocked it out with Blondie and the Elephants. HAD A BLAST. Thank you so much, Francesca + Peter, for having us in your fine city!

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