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Wednesday, January 24, 2018
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I cannot tell you how unbelievably excited we are to shoot Carly + Glenn's wedding this spring! They were in attendance at Julianna + Mauti's wedding (I swear I am going to blog this wedding...we booked three weddings in one year because of their insane nuptials) and saw our crew in all it's glory. They knew we could work in the heat and still eat that cocktail hour like it's our job. Multi-tasking is our strongest suit other than, well, photography. SO, back to this gorgeous couple. Glenn contacted us right before the shoot and had mentioned that he knew of a secret spot on the Jersey shore where we could probably get some pretty cool pictures. OK, SURE....You want to do the scouting work, be my guest! I LOVE when clients do this, because it means they love the spot they are choosing and because of that will have more of a reaction to their photos. They also decided to add Cinematography to their Karma agenda and what a wise choice they made. Colin grabbed his gear and made one of the most beautiful save the dates I have seen.  


We are really familiar with the beach but have never been to this little nook. From the moment we walked out onto the boardwalk on the beach my grin started creeping up from ear canal to ear canal. I was so so so happy to see these beautiful dunes and knew right away I could make them look like we were out in some exotic dessert somewhere. After I stopped gawking at the scenery, I started gawking at my couple. I mean, they are hot. Not like a little...like, why are so pretty, I hate you kind of hot. Good thing I am over that stage of my life and I encourage the youngin's to exploit their youthful good looks. 


After we finished up the photos of just C + G we added their jumpy hairball to the mix. The gnats were in full attack and the dang dog was pouncing like a jumping bean. Luckily, I have a boxer and I have a few tricks to get em' to listen up. Ok, enough talking....see for yourself! Can't wait for your wedding you two...we are gonna KILL it!  

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