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Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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Our wonderful friend Kristen, an amazing event planner of Bel Momento weddings and events asked us to talk with her newly booked couple Briana + Nick. She was SURE we would all mesh and that we were the exact type of photographers they wanted to hire. Our phone conversation was really great. We could tell that they were super laid back and trusted us completely to take care of what we do. (The BEST situation for us, really, just let us do our thing!) We talked for about an hour and the next day we were planning their engagement shoot. Kismet.

Briana mentioned that her family had a Blueberry Farm in NJ. We were ecstatic to go somewhere meaningful AND gorgeous. I don't know what I was more excited about...the amazing light that was revealing itself on the drive there, or the fact that for the first time in my life we were making a turn INTO the Pine Barons! I have often dreamed on this moment when adventure would take over, fear of the Jersey Devil would subside and we would ride into the piney sunset! OK that's a lie. I knew EXACTY what I was MORE excited about. That is, until I edited these photos. My goodness the sun was on our side. Add a beautiful baby into the mix, and you have heaven. Oh...I didn't mention that part! These two have the most perfect little family and got a head start on the beginning of their life together. 

We are in love with these photos, and since we already shot your wedding a few weeks ago (Yes, the engagement was like..hmm ...2 weeks before the wedding???)..we are in love with those too! Can't wait to share everything with you. Thank you for trusting us to document your beautiful family. 

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